Meet BUKI, your every day digital companion.

Whether you're in class, looking for something to do, or finding a bite to eat, BUKI's got you covered.

BUKI Features

A New Communication Platform

Messaging without the need for 
Wi-Fi or Cellular. Whether you're in a crowded concert or lecture hall. 

Content That Matters To You

We tell you what's going on in your neighborhood,  city, and campus.  Unlike other apps, we make it a point to only send you what's relevant and what you're interested in.

Rewards Program

We don't just reward you for what you buy but for what you do. Going to class, community service, or your favorite museum. Reward points you can redeem at any BUKI partner.

Why Use BUKI?

BUKI is the digital companion we all wish we had. 

Want to find a nice place to eat near you?

Looking for events in your city? 

BUKI does the job of 10 apps in one, without all the extra notifications and emails. 

What is BUKI?

Our BUKIBoxes are the hardware that connect your campus and city to the network. No need for Wi-Fi Modems or Cell towers.


Your gateway to a connected city and campus. 


The BUKICoin is the currency that our rewards system is built on. You'll be able to use it with any of our partners.



The hyperlocal network that supports all of the features of BUKI.


Our Residents

Events in Your City

Joan lives in New York and is always looking for interesting things to do in the city, since there's so much going on all the time. 

She goes through her usual newsletters, websites, Facebook, and magazines like TimeOut on a regular basis to get ideas. 

With BUKI, her digital companion fetches the most relevant events around her suited to her tastes and brings them right to her. 

Our Students

Class Attendance

When Paula woke up this morning, the last thing she wanted to do was go to a lecture. Then, she got a notification from BUKI that there was a bonus reward for class attendance today. So, Paula went to class and earned rewards along with a better attendance grade.

Walking Home Alone

Sarah ended up leaving a party alone the other night. She realized she was being followed by an unknown man. So, she opened the BUKIApp, hit the safety button, and knew that the authorities would have her exact location and be deployed if she needed it.

BUKIBuddy is coming soon!

No Service in Lecture

Alex was in a lecture when he realized that he'd never responded to his friend, Marcus about study plans. As usual, the hall didn't have any service. Luckily, he was able to shoot his friend a message through BUKI because he didn't need service or wifi. 

Ready to download 

your everyday digital companion?

BUKI is the personal assistant we all wish we had. 

Want to find a nice place to eat near you?  

Looking for events in your city? 

BUKI does the job of 10 apps in one, without all the extra notifications and emails. 

Our Travelers

Traveling with No Service

John and his family travel often but hate paying for roaming.

However, he needs to make sure he can keep in touch with his family and jumping around for wifi hotspots is a pain. 

Instead, John and his whole family tap into the BUKINetwork wherever they go to message each other throughout the trip with no cell service or wifi. 

Things To Do In a New City

Alice is on a backpacking trip to Europe. She wants to explore the city outside of the usual touristy activities that everyone does. 

She taps into her BUKIApp and it fetches her all of the entertainment, nightlife, and food activities going on RIGHT now, nearest to her and tailored to what she likes. 

Rewards for Tourist Sites

Jordan just arrived in Istanbul and is excited to see the sites! Usually, she'd have to research the top sites, make an itinerary, and pay for all the visits independently. 

With BUKI, her digital companion gives her a breakdown of the most popular tourist itineraries, bundles the tickets for her, and allows her to buy all in one spot.  

Our School Admins

Student Engagement

Mark is a Box Office Manager at OSU, and there are tickets still left for the football game that is tomorrow. In order to sell those tickets, he pushes out the notification to all the people interested in sports on campus and successfully sells out the event.

Event Management

Ellis is in charge of all club event management on campus. Part of the job means she has to keep track of student attendance at events, but with BUKI, it's all done without her having to do anything. BUKI knows when and where the event is, as well as who is in attendance.

School Partnerships

Amanda works for the OSU student programs. She partnered with a local restaurant to offer a regular discount to all OSU students. To alert the students to the new partnership and drive traffic to the local restaurant, she uses BUKI to update all those interested in Food & Beverages at OSU!

Daily Routine Rewards

He goes to work on the city bus. Afterwards, he volunteers at the local shelter, grabs his dinner from his favorite Mexican restaurant, and goes home for some quality time. 

With BUKI, as he goes through the usual routine, he accumulates rewards everywhere he goes. The city bus service, his local restaurant, and the shelter are all part of the network. So, he earns BUKICoins that he can use throughout the city, including those locations next time. 

More From Your Local Spots

Rachel loves going to her local diner for breakfast every morning. The diner's part of the BUKINetwork and knows that Rachel's a member. 

So, every time Rachel comes into the diner, she gets a small promotion from the owners. Sometimes it's a free cup of coffee other times it's a discount on her meal. 

The owners know she's a regular and make it easy to keep her coming back.

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